The Portal of Aswan University announced about applying the application of Academic Email to serve all staff in University, which serve three various services.:

First: Recovery academic Email through national ID (if it connects with national ID previous)

This service has been activated for new students and is being circulated to all university emails. To try this service and retrieve the email through the national number, please Press Here

Second: Edit Information of academic Email

Through this service you able to completely edit the information of academic email, either by adding (Departments-Specializations-Sections-national ID) knowing that adding national ID is very important for recovery the email in the future and get all academic services , for adding national ID from Here

 And to know more details about how to change the old email Press Here

Third: University email creation service

To create a new email (for the first time) through the following link: Create a university email

Knowing that the new e-mail addresses that need to be created and modified will be available in the database within 24 working hours. It can be searched for by the national number.
For complaints and suggestions regarding this new application, please rate here.