♦♦ Preparing freshmen’s names and information lists and send it to central Alumni administration (editing certificates department) for editing original graduation certificates.

♦♦ Preparing freshmen’s lists and their grades for each departments for the issuance of the ministerial decision from the President of the University.

♦♦ Extracting the graduation certificates to seniors and freshmen.

♦♦ Extracting Appreciation certificates.

♦♦ Doing the statistics for all freshmen and their grades.

♦♦ Doing statement to top graduates and their information, addresses, and their phone number

♦♦ Receiving the original graduation certificates after editing them from the University’s Alumni Department and reviewing the edited data and making sure that there are no errors, then approving them by the Dean of the College and President of the University.

♦♦ Register these certificates in the graduate register to be handed over to graduates.

♦♦ Procedures for accreditation of temporary and original certificates.