The student’s name is recorded on the computer when entering the library.

Through the computer, it is possible to inquire and search for the names of the required books and their location in the library.

The student is trained in computer research with the assistance of the librarian.

Leave books and references on the table after reviewing.

All book and reference data in the library (title – author – publisher data – book place on shelves in the library) are recorded on the computer.

Take into account not to use more than two books for the student on the table after reviewing.

Preserve books and deal with them gently and in order to protect them from damage.

Leaving external books and bags outside the library and not leaving money or valuables in them. The library management is not responsible for any lost in this regard.

Observe complete calm inside the hall.

We welcome any comments, suggestions or complaints to develop the work and maximize the use of the library.

Important instructions:

All visitors to the library must follow the following instructions:

Leave tools and bags outside the examination hall.

Not to leave money or any valuables inside the bags.

Not to enter the library with any books or notes.

Not to enter the library with personal laptops and not to study collectively

Submitting the college card and recording the student’s data on the computer.

Observe complete calm and non-disturbance inside the hall, and turn off mobile phones.

When ordering any book, the librarian should be guided.

Use collectibles gently and preserve them and not write inside them.

Take into account that there are no more than two books for the student on the table.

Leave the book on the table after looking at it.

External borrowing is prohibited for students in case the necessary copies are not available.

Students are trained to search the digital library on the library’s computers through the librarian.

The library has the right to deprive anyone who violates its instructions from using its services, after referring to the college administration.