♦♦ Preparing a database that includes all the major data for graduates from the reality of emptying the disclaimer forms, and submitting them to any specific external entity appointing college graduates.

♦♦ As soon as the results of the end-of-year exams are announced for the final teams and the students are awarded a bachelor’s degree according to the cumulative total and assessment obtained by a decision of the College Council, a temporary certificate is prepared to fulfill the position regarding conscription until the final certificate is prepared after the approval of the Prof. Dr. / Minister of Planning.

♦♦ Preparing various certificates for recent graduates (collected – estimates) in Arabic and English or any other language.

♦♦ Preparing and approving various certificates for all previous installments since the inception of the college throughout the whole year.

♦♦ Prepare statements by reviewing the validity of previously extracted certificates in both languages (Arabic and English) in response to inquiries from embassies and various authorities for all countries.