My students, welcome in Aswan University- faculty of Alsun

Faculty of Alsun Aswan University comes in third Position over The Arab Republic of Egypt in terms of date of establishment, After the Faculty of Al-Alsun, Ain Shams University, the Faculty of Al-Alsun, Minya University. The decision to establish the faculty was initially issued under the name (College of Languages and Translation) in 2012, and in 2015 the name was changed to (College of Al-Alsun). Activate postgraduate programs.

The study in Faculty started 2012-2013, three scientific departments are:

(English Department, Spanish Department, and French Department)

In response to the educational and cultural renaissance witnessed by the college and keeping pace with the requirements of the labor market, new scientific departments were subsequently opened, which are:

(Portuguese language department, Russian language department, Japanese language department, Chinese language department, Korean language department, Italian language department)

and there are another scientific department under establishing:

(German language department)

The programs of the departments of the Faculty of Al-Alsun contribute to achieving the university’s vision and mission of excellence and leadership in the educational, research and cultural fields, and in the areas of community service. At home and abroad, within the framework of standards with ambitious goals seeking to compete and keep pace with everything new, based on the belief that the progress of any nation is measured by the extent of its progress in education, in addition to enriching the concepts of dialogue and civilized rapprochement between religions, cultures and peoples.

Since its inception, the Faculty of Al-Alsun at Aswan University has been seeking to provide distinguished scientific cadres of faculty members with teaching competence, scientific and research skills, and the ability to interact and communicate with students. In parallel, it also seeks to provide a specialized administrative staff characterized by professional competence in managing student affairs, as well as providing Qualified and trained professionals who are able to help students discover and develop their talents and creative inclinations.

My sons and daughters… male and female students… new and old… I ask God Almighty to grant you great success and to crown your new academic year and university stage with success and success. I urge you to attend lectures and study regularly, and I remind you of the words of the Dean of Arabic Literature, Taha Hussein:

God grants success

    Faculty’s Dean

Prof, Hazem Al Jamal